AJE- DREZ Teatro

Sabrina de Valle and Maisa Perk and Maisa Perk have put together their strong creative points to give life to the theatrical company that has ingredients of clown, dance, theater of objects, singing with a touch of acrobatics. The company was born in 2017 with a mission the search for illusion. His first play Now what? Which will premiere this summer in Belgium at the festival Brouwsel op straat.

 ‘And what now_

 And what now? a family show about the disagreement between of two complete stranger which transforms itself in a true encounter and a surprising dialogue through the manipulation of objects, physical theater, tales, dance and humor.

is adventure of two strangers with a world of prejudices who by coincidence are forced to get to know each other until all the prejudice fades and creates place for a precious friendship
La senyoreta Carta is very elegant and loves adventures, she always travels with several objects, which she uses in an odd and funny way. Maiya is mad about flying, dancing and singing songs. She also adores the sudden moments of tranquility and she loves to complicate her life from time to time. In her suitcase she has all the necessary ingredients to achieve all of this.
A station, two railway tracks, the last train at each track is ready for its departure to their respective destinations. La senyora Carta reaches the track 1 just in time to see her last train leave the station. Maiya reaches the railway track 2 just in time, to hear the last tututut of her last train.

Both are desperate and ask themselves: “And now what?” Unaware of the presence of one and other,until the two individually notice the wonderful tea salon, with a table, two cups and with only one chair. La senyorita Carta and Maiya have the whole night to tease one and other, find a solution for who can sit on the chair and they don’t only have time for this, but also the have the time to share all wonders they are carrying in their suitcases.

 And what now? a show about relationships, moments, which fill our hearts and put a smile on our face. A tale that reveals that the journey is not only the journey itself and that one can travel in so many different ways .