Coaching Sessions

What inspires you? How do you work through creative blocks? How do you improve your current work situation? How can you be more assertive? How can you be more effective?How can you work better in a team? How can you use your strengths and talents in order to reach your goals and determine your way?Most of us have the natural need to evolve and reach our full potential, professional and personal use. In recent years I have had the pleasure of accompanying several individuals and groups in their professional and creative process. Each and every session has been a powerful, meaningful and An inspiring experience. Coaching is the art of accompanying, understanding and supporting, to translate the ideas and to turn them into actions, awaken the full potential, achieve improvements and significant growth. The coordination and management of efforts impact the results and to achieve the goals. Each project, dream, goal is like a baby, a child that needs to be nurtured, to be stimulated in order to develop and grow in the best way.

Through listening, effective questioning, identification of the “ issue” the defensiveness or resistance, defining your vision, mission and values and through creative and motivating assignments as role play, case studies, flashcards amongst others, the personal and group sessions are a stimulating, effective heart-warming support on your way to where you would like to be.

At the moment I collaborate with The Intern Group at moment as a a professional development coordinator and I impart the coaching workshop: dream-job versus reality.