About Me

Creativy is my O2

Life is like a symphony: which initiates, develops with its accords, notes, silences, reiteration, acceleration and deceleration. The main melody of  my life, so much privately as professionally, is creativity.

I am an creative multi-talent who gains energy from developing new cultural, social and artistic projects. An attentive coach who’s passion it is to motivate her clients and in generally others to their full potential, a dedicated event organizer, a tailor made presenter serious and elegant when needed and perky animating the public with passion and art when requested, a dynamic and creative teacher and a sensitive choreographer and director who’s always searching for a human touch in her creations. A determinate, energetic a multifaceted artist who combines collective creation, poetry, spoken-word, photography, dance,physical theatre, theatre, sensory theatre and performance in her artistic work.

My mum calls me an octopus as she says that in every tentacle I have a project or two.I call myself by the name my parents gave me; Maisa Sally-anna Perk. The name Maisa has a precious meaning; mother of the Earth . Nevertheless I sometimes go by the shorter version; Mai