The sky has not limit

The sky has no limit is a one woman show, a monologue, for families with children from the age of 6, written by Maisa Sally -anna Perk inspired by the achievements and challenges of Katherine Johnson.

Little Katherine counts everything she can count, she is mad about it. She is fascinated by the stars and space and is very curious about how everything works and has a strong urge to learn. The obstacles of her time, such as racism, since she is Afro-American and grows up during the era of segregation in the US, as well as machismo, do not stop her from becoming a mathematician and scientist and working as a computer at Nasa. Her amazing capacity for calculation and passion for work helps fixing the trajectory of the first American trip to space, putting the Apollo XI into the orbit and taking the man for the first time to the Moon.

The sky has no limit is set in a landscape of lyric and a discipline such as theater, dance-theater, sensory theater and singing.