Little black girl’s word

Little black girl’s word is a theatrical tale that combines dance, song and puppetry. Little black girl’s word  is inspired for a great part by the monologue Black woman’s word.

Sally is a black girl who comes from a multicultural family. Each ancestor comes from another country and this seems super fascinating and she knows that one day she will also travel to another country to live there. One day Sally lives her first racist experience and when Sally returns home and lies on her bed, a journey through the countries of her grandparents, grandparents and parents begins.The end of your trip concludes in a true celebration.

Little black girl’s word  tells the experiences of little Sally with multiculturalism, racism, identity and the way she decides to treat them.

The theatrical story Little black girl’s word can be complemented with a theatre workshop Are you in the loop? , where through dynamics of movement, dance, games we will explore together how we use stereotypes and prejudices.