Mi Belleza

Mi Belleza is an alternative gateway compared to the common catwalks because it not only wants to empower Afro-descendant designers and mark African countries as global actors in fashion art and culture. But it is also a social statement, a manifesto of the corporal beauty of each individual. Since every body with its skills, age and form has its beauty. Mi Belleza is a catwalk where the model as an individual counts. This is why the event has daily Afro-descendant people and also people of other ethnicities as models, all as previously explained with different body types, different body skills and various ages both men and women. The models have as task when they parade to celebrate its own beauty and to show it in its way to move by the catwalk. 

Another point that emphasizes and differentiates this bridge of the most is the abundance of the performing arts. 
The event combines the art of designers with performing arts such as dance, live music and poetry among others.
The concept of Mi Belleza is created and executed by Maisa Sally ana Perk during the Black Barcelona Encuentro
festival II and III