ExpresArte un escenario abierto, was founded by Maisa Sally-anna Perk in 2009 and is an open stage, with a previous programming, directed to all the artists of various artistic disciplines who want to show and / or share their art.

The main purpose is to create a place where one can experiment, try out new things, exchange, come together, a kind of laboratory inside a warm, cozy, intimate whom. The public forms an important part of ExpresArte and therefore its intention is for the public to experience the event more from within than as a simple spectator. Another intention is to minimize the barriers between artist and public.

The public also participates, as a mode of art critic, through a book of constructive criticism that circulates during the event. It is a matter of the participants never being passive and, even if they not go on stage, they can their constructive opinion about one act

 From April 26, 2009 until 2017, 36 ExpresArte was celebrated in nine different cultural centers.

ExpresArte has collaborated with 7 Dj / different sound technician, which has also become a platform for this type of music professionals.

More than 2,600 people have participated as a public, with an average of 80 people per event and more than 300 artists from different artistic disciplines.

ExpresArte and its organization has also collaborated with organizations and associations The collaboration has been from the intermediate between the artist and the event, the management and the acquisition of artists until co-producer or producer and the programmer of such events. As One World summer camp, La Carcola, Arch of the Virgin and others.

Mása Sally-anna perk is not only the organizer of the event but also the presenter who accompanies and animates the audience during the event.

“All the artists have been great and they have come out with great enthusiasm and energy. Regarding what should be improved, there is no greater observation than that of the artists themselves. Thank you for sharing the greatness of your being. “