A labyrinth. Seven different areas to explore. A heartbeat as a guide. The Blood flows, the Skin invites the viewer and turns it into traveller receptive to the sensations of his own body and the body that which he enters.

Seven women. Each one embodies an organ, tissue, a metabolic process, with their sensory and emotional resonance. Each space is captured with the experience of whom represents it and with the corporal experience of the spectator that explores it. 

Vísceras is a work that combines physical theatre, sensorial theatre, intergrated dance, music and artistic installations.  A personal and collective journey where the spectator follows an itinery composed by seven different spaces, a physical space that is presented as a body a network of impulses, movements, stimulations and information. An encounter with seven women who offer an individual and social experience of their bodies and through their bodies they give another answer to the cultural representations and question the issue of an aesthetic model of the body  in order to inhabit the body as an integral system physical, sexual, emotional, mental and sensorial.

In Vísceras the individual body language of each member and the physical space where performance takes place play a fundamental role. 

Therefore each representation of Vísceras is unique, adapting both to interior spaces or urban/exterior spaces such as streets, squares, parks and forests.