No Somos whoopi Goldberg

The theatre company No Somos Woophi Goldberg is the result of the encounter between three actresses; Silvia Albert, Kelly Lua and Maisa Sally-Anna Perk. All three women share the same concern and goal creating proximity, visibility and representation of the negritude and specifically of black women both historically and contemporary and consecutively sharing the cultural, intellectual, social and political richness of black role models.

The actresses, who come each from three different countries and cultures, are not only united by an artistic force but also by an ancestral force and a situation that brings them closer.

“Black Woman’s word ” a recital of poetry composed by poems of female Afro-descendant authors,  is the result of the first union of forces. Over time “Black Woman’s word “ transforms into an autobiographical monologue combining different artistic disciplines..

In the year of 2017, No Somos Whoopi Goldberg start with the elaboration of the theater piece “The First Voices” generating visibility of black female pioneers of history as Chiquinha Gonzaga, first composer, pianist, director of the Brazilian orchestra, Sojourner Truth, enslaved American activist, Phillips Wheatley enslaved poetess.

An infinite number of forgotten black women, women who contributed to the story, stories that were never contacted, unfold in front of the three actresses; stories of activists, dancers, writers, mathematicians, scientists…

The urge and passion to tell and share more of these stories with the world grows and for this occasion they invite the dramatist and theater director Eva Hibernia to write, with an experiential writing laboratory as a foundation for the creation, a triptych of voices; “I have counted the spots of the Leopard until I reached the moon.” This play tells the story of three very significant black women to human mankind; Wangari Maathai, Carolina María de Jesús and Katherine Johnson.

Ithe company decides to focus on two characters from the triptych with even more depth: on one hand the play transforms the work »I have counted the leopard spots until I reach the moon» into a monologue of the character Carolina Maria de Jesús written by Eva Hibernia and on the other hand Maisa Sally-Anna Perk  creates a family play about the character Katherine Johnson.