Company Beneath the Skin

Beneath the Skin is a dance-theatre company which integrates tools from various artistic disciplines in its works such as sensory theater and visual poetry.

The company was founded by Maisa Perk and Chiara Di Biagio in late 2010.

The intention of Beneath the Skin, as the name of the company says, is to work with everything that happens underneath our skin, everything that completes us as human beings and is reflected in each and every act, through different artistic disciplines In which the members of the group unfold.

Another essential element for the company is to create an environment in which the public is not reduced to just looking from an external point, but can empathize, participate, feel involved and integrated into the artistic and human experience.

Beneath the Skin presented in the 2010-2011 season his first two small format works: the short story “Humans”.

A tale that combines theater dance and sensory theater, and the dance-theater work “Sed.”

In autumn 2011 the company began with the creation of the work decided “Entrails”, a¬†work of sensorial theater and physical theatre, which talks about the individual and social experience of female bodies where the spectator travels an itinerary composed of seven different environments. In 2014 de dance play Our body went in premiere, a stage version of Entrails. In 2018 will present a new solo piece of the director Maisa Sally-anna Perk.