Version 1 SHOW LLLiterate Laundrettes Wash the dirty laundry in public!

LLLiterate Laundrettes-  was the dirty laundry in public is an exciting show, cathartic & full of joy. A poetic installation, a musical and interactive show for children and adults.The

literary Laundrettes seduce the public with thrilling poems and excitatory songs in a musical performance. The washing machine, turned into a jukebox, serves as a small stage to dance and recite on. The Laundrettes share their ‘dirty laundry’ in poetic style, followed by a playful interaction with the audience to challenge them to share their secrets. The audience can write their quiet desires, dreams and dirty laundry on garments and hang them on the washing line with poetic clothes. The line grows fast, with on one afternoon about 60 new confessions added to the washing line!

Performance 3x45min challenging show, including poetic garment installation and washing machine jukebox-stage. Possible perfomance in English, Dutch, French and Spanish.