sensorial movement

Many times when we dance we use music as a source of inspiration, but what happens if we not only use the music but create sound landscapes, tactile, olfactory and visual landscapes? How would we flow, how would we connect with ourselves and with others, how would we develop our body language when using sensory experience as a starting point and source of inspiration for the individual and/or group movement?

The Sensory Movement Workshop invites all, with a lot of experience or without a lot of experience in the field of movement to embark on this intimate bodily journey. A trip where mistakes don’t exist, being in the here and now counts, listening and feeling guides us and where every experience, bodily expression, delicate movements, small, abrupt, beautiful, grotesque, solitary etc, that born from it is legitimate and celebrated.

Dance and theatrical workshops for children and young people each age requires its own form of Didactica, however in all workshops is working body expression is the means to express feelings, feelings, emotions and thoughts.