Cease the rumours!

Are you in the loop?

In the workshop “ cease the rumours Rumours-Are you in the loop?”, we will have a closer look and explore our own way of using stereotypes, which prejudices we have, their source and how we set certain rumours in the world. through movement/dance and
( social) theatre exercises  and moments of sharing/debates. we will also explore the possibility of how to minimize some of our ‘negative’ stereotypes and

Workshop can be adapted for both children and adults

Concepts: Stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination.
Objective:Counteracting stereotypes, topics and false rumours circulating on gender,
immigration and cultural diversity.



Wide space with smooth floor

Music equipment and speakers

Minimum participants: 6

Maximum participants: 20

Duration: 2hr (if there are less than 10 people) and if not 2.30hr