Two is family play which can be presented in festivals, theatres and in the primary schools, the play will end with a small debate when performed in a school.

Two talks about the glasses we decide to wear, glasses built by the social constructions with the prefabricated views or do we construct our own landscapes, we create our own appearances, we experience our own visions and we invent our own ideas.
Do we choose who we truly can be; A full individual who is in connection and in harmony with the other.

Lara and Sara are twins and soon it will be their 8th birthday. When Sara looks at Lara it is as if she is looking at herself in the mirror and vice versa. They do not need to talk, they already know what the other thinks. In addition they are so synchronized that their movements are transformed into choreographies. Until one day, an innocent gesture changes everything. From there, the two embark on a new path of colorful obstacles, emotions of new smells and fluorescent sounds until one day each of them find their own reflection in the mirror.