Project Identity

What is Identities?

Identities is a school project of the theatrical Afro-descendants company; No Somos Whoopi Goldberg.
Identities consist of workshops and play with a social and educational foundation which are held in elementary and secondary schools. The intention is to generate an instance of reflection, participation to address social problems, especially those that occur in schools or could influence the student in their daily lives. Theatrical plays in secondary schools are also complemented by a debate at the end of the play. The event ends when the debate ends, since it is not just about seeing the play as both the works and the workshops are tools of social transformation.


The school has a major influence on the beings that will be the future of our society. At school is where the student builds his/her identity for the most part over the years through formal and non-formal education. Since this route leads you on a journey that will not be exclusive to the learning of scholastic and academic knowledge. In their environment they begin to capture their reality, expressed by the environment in which they live and develop; And they also begin to perceive the reality of others in comparison to what they are defining themselves and others.
So the school plays a very important role in the development of the identity of its students
In the same journey of identity construction, the student finds himself with many different concepts and forms his idea. And that is where the Identities project comes into, being since it is born with the need to contribute to the reflection of the social consequence of the concepts of discrimination, immigration, identity together with self-perception, self-acceptance at the school level. AS we believe that school as an institution is one of the nests where the identities of these students are born and are developed largely, it is important to feed it with a reflection.
we as Afro-descendants women have had our conflicts growing up as and young adults with our identity, discrimination at different levels, with immigration and as any other person we have gone through our journey of self-perception and self acceptance. And so we can share the point of view of people who have had experiences with these topics and thus we can make known these experiences of first hand. However, it does not exclude that non-live situations are also worked directly from one of the company’s people