Palabra de Negra

“What does a Surinamese song, Bollywood music, Dutch cheese, Sega music and contemporary dance in common?”

“They All are theatrical elements of  the play; Palabra de Negra – The monologue.”

Maisa is a black, Dutch woman and the daughter of parents from two different continents (Suriname and Mauritius) with ancestors from other continents. The red thread of the monologue is  the fact to be from so many different countries and at the same time from none; Identity and racism. Spoken-word is the main dish combines with theatrical texts, moments of dance and singing.

Through a range of nuances, she shares her personal experiences of being a black woman, of the identity of self-perception, of self-acceptance, of sexuality, of immigration and of racism. Each nuance becomes a journey, where the viewer dives into the same experience as if it were a time capsule.

We will live the personal experiences of an Afro-descendant woman, who at the same time, it reflects the experiences of many Afro-descendants. And certainly the question of identity is a question to which many can relate, since it is not limited only to the population of people of African descent, given that it is a universal and timeless issue.

Palabra de Negra- The Monologue is an interactive, fresh, emotional, challenging  play with a touch of humour,  which won’t leave you indifferent.